What do we do?

test21IT Training
We offer IT training with a strong focus on tackling loneliness and isolation. We feel tablets are an excellent opportunity for people to engage with the outside world and at an affordable price. Through video calling (Skype etc.), social networking (facebook, twitter, etc), email and online shopping we create the access points and help you take control of how and why you connect.

Mobile training
Have a device? Great! But if you don’t, we offer a mobile service where we bring devices and internet to you!

Connecting Project
The Connecting Project is created for organisations. Learners receive the classic tuition but they are also taught to access an online HUB of services. As participants are trained a needs analysis is conducted and we are able to feed further support into this HUB. For larger organisations this can be particularity useful as access to specialist support or services can be promoted.

Varied IT use
When we teach, we teach variation. There are many electronic devices and they all share the similar intuitiveness, we like to give you access to all of them so you know what’s right for you.

Social networking advice
Maybe you have family who live away from you, or abroad, you may have a hobby, were part of a local community group, had friends in different cities or wanted people to contact you; we can give you the advice and guidance to take control of your social network as well as help create the right accounts to reconnect.

IT Provision
Though we prefer you to choose your own device we understand some people need advice, we can help you get started if you need, or give you the right advice to find your own way.

As well as excellent training we make sure you can keep track of what you’ve learnt and provide a handy booklet that we fill out as we progress. This visual booklet should help you remember and improve on what you’ve learnt.

Project Management
Based on digital inclusion we offer network based solutions that encourage information and service access through online HUB’s and participant learning.