Supporting you is key and our service is geared around users and not the training model.

Though our training is basic it touches on some technical information; we feel this allows users a chance at self progression as it gives them the tools to start deconstructing jargon.
As part of this we draw special attention to a glossary of words that allows clients to fully understand what is displayed on their screen and how they can interact with it.

Our tutors are extremely patient, understanding and very friendly; we have great experience in assisted living schemes, in carehomes, with older people, complete novices and those with health barriers.
We exist to help people reconnect and understand how difficult this can be; our training programme is created to help people identify with technology before fully embracing it’s possibilities.

We understand how isolation and loneliness can impact lives; our aim is to not simply train but to make positive changes in peoples lifestyles. We know how difficult it can be to learn new technology and so we make a particular point of being flexible and patient in a relaxed atmosphere. There is no go it alone method to our work and we engage with our clients thoroughly to give them the best support possible.

Privacy and information security is paramount to our working practice; we will never ask you for any details apart from those involved in the training. We support learning at your pace.

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