Mobile Service

mobileWe come to you!

Many organisations and individuals lack the technology to get started and so we offer a mobile service that comes to you!
We can bring tablets, laptops and the internet if you need.

Many organisations are happy for us to join their network on a temporary basis but we understand the importance of security and so we have an innovative system that allows us to bring the internet to you (depending on network coverage).
We use the fastest internet available on any mobile service and so connecting you for our training shouldn’t be a problem.

We understand that many people are just starting out on their IT journey and so we provide a variety of devices for people to use for our training. We prefer using a variety of devices as this allows the user to understand how simple IT can be, especially for tablets.
This is particularly important for those with a budget as the more fashionable devices start from £400 without an internet connection, we firmly believe that a £200 device can offer the same results.
With our service you try a few devices and combinations and use visual representations as the guide to learning; we make sure you keep this information to hand with an information booklet that can be used again if clients change devices.

Device provision
In some cases it suits organisations to purchase a few devices and allow them to be internally booked for use; we can assist/arrange this for you and then come in and train your clients on a longer term basis.

You already have devices (and maybe the internet)
This is perfect for individuals/organisations that want to start a taster service and it allows you the flexibility to book training at your convenience.
This service works very well for organisations with new clients/residents; many residential packages include internet availability but residents lack to skills to use them, our training model fits perfectly with an orientation course and we can tailor this service to suit your needs.