Our Services

Group IT Training    
Up to 12 participants with either full day or weekly training.
With groups of complete novices we feel 4 participants on rotation suits learning best.

One to One
One to one sessions under a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Mobile Service
Do you have devices? If so fantastic, if not we can provide the technology and internet access.

National Service
We come to you; though based in the Midlands we can provide a national service for larger groups.

Varied Training Provision
Basic IT, social networking, email, video calling, media, account creation/management, laptop/tablet training, job searching/applications, Council/utility website use.

Tailored Service
Our services are flexible, we can work it around your needs and tailor it to suit your clients and environment.

Connecting Project
As well as training we create/identify networks for organisations and participants, with the aim of offering an online point for information and services. We offer facilitation, or continued support for the networks and build upon the structure to tailor needs.

Retainer Service
Perhaps you have clients entering your scheme all year round, we offer a retainer contract so you can utilise our services as and when you need us.

IT Consultancy
We can give you fair and honest advice on which technology suits you best, and we can also set it up for you.