Who are We?

Our Mission

Empowering people to reconnect in the electronic age and enabling them to tackle isolation and loneliness

Our Aims

  Training people to take advantage of the electronic communication age

–  Connecting people to friends and family close and far through email, video calling and sharing

–  Helping people store their memories through pictures, video and music

–  Supporting people to learn in a friendly, patient atmosphere

How we began

Connect Communities formed after many voluntary projects assisting people to get into IT; through system repairs, IT training, job searching, IT provision and advice the last decade has seen Connect Communities help people make brilliant use of IT.

We have strong experience teaching IT to every age group; with expertise teaching older people. We have trained residents in assisted living projects, with large and small numbers, one-on-one sessions, varied project needs such as jobsearching, basic IT, media (music, video, pictures), internet and email; we have a passionate belief that anybody can embrace this new wave of communication.

We are patient, tailored and respectful; we want you to find the right technology for you, if it’s even right for you, we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity in providing you the best service for your needs.

“I wanted to buy holidays online; Connecting Communities gave me a free laptop as well as setting it up for me.”