On this page you’ll find our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), if your answer isn’t there feel free to ask us or get in touch!

Q. How hard is it to learn?
A. It’s easy; tablets/computers are intuitive which means they are designed to help you naturally use them.

Q. Will I need my own equipment?
A. No, we can provide equipment or offer you advice about getting your own technology.

Q. Do I need the internet?
A. You might, but for training we can provide this access.

Q. Is the technology expensive?
A. Not at all, you can spend anywhere from £150 – £1000 and our aim is to show you the technology that matches your needs.

Q. I only want to try it and not commit, can I do this?
A. Absolutely, before setting up a full scheme we can do an introductory taster session.

Q. Will this really benefit me?
A. If you want to communicate with family and friends, connect with people that matter to you, find out information, shop for anything and everything, it definitely will.

Q. How do you tackle isolation and loneliness?
A. With guidance and advice we help you to reconnect with people as well as show you what might locally suit your needs.

Q. How much will it cost?
A. The depends on which services you take or who you are! We offer a tailored service but an example of our prices are shown within the services page. Give us a call for a quote or email us your needs.